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thats haaaught

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[23 Mar 2005|11:02am]

[ mood | calm ]

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that's haught

[20 Mar 2005|01:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

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that's haught

[18 Mar 2005|08:53pm]
hopefully everyone will apply fatser so we get some real posts.
that's haught

[18 Mar 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | im in, im in!! teehee ]


-- Basics --
-name- Lauren
-age- 14
-location- Coral Springs, FLroida
-status- single
-gender- girlie
-- favorites --
-color- green&teal&a certain pinkk
-number- 4
-band- hipv
-song- The Innocent Ones
-restaurant- SUMO <<<4
-candy- skittles
-ICE CREAM- hmm..oreo ;P
-color to wear- white/green
-clothes- um.. idk like pants and tanktops or just shirts...?
-hairstyle- alot.. mostly either down or pulled back but i got some others.
-actress- im not sure..
-actor- Johnny Depp
-TV shows- Unsolved Mysteries

-favorite mod-Val cuz shes the one who helped me do this <<3
-- do you --
-color your hair- well ... i guess. not like PURPLE and shit. but regular colors.
-have tattoos- nope
-piercings- yeah
-cheat on tests/homework?- sometimes..
-drink/smoke- sometimes/no
-want more piercings- yea
-swear a lot- not reallllly.
-diet- yeah
-- have u ever --
-stolen anything- yep
-cheated on someone- nope
-lied to someone- yeaaah.
-been in love- yeah
-fallen for your best friend- nooo
-made out with JUST a friend- yeah
-used someone- noo
-been used- prolly.
-- other --
-red or blue- red
-math or english- math
-radio or CD- cd
-What was the last food you ate?- Pop Tart
-last movie you saw- Lies My Mother Told Me
-Object you can not live w.out- my comp. :(sad.
-Things you like in a guy/girl- someone to hold my hand and kiss me no matter where we are. who doesnt act different to me around his friends. Who wants to spend time with mee and some other things.
-Worst feeling in the world- being hated.
-Thing you want to change about yourself- i wanna loose some weight&dye my hair black.
--Promote in at least 3 places--

-- three or more pictures of yourself --
-ill post them when im homme.

that's haught

[18 Mar 2005|12:24pm]

applicationnnCollapse )
that's haught

APPLICATION: [18 Mar 2005|11:25am]

applicationCollapse )

that's haught

please remember! [17 Mar 2005|11:29pm]

[ mood | amused ]

please remember to put your applications behind a lj cut


application [18 Mar 2005|08:04pm]


-- Basics --
-name- alex
-age- 13
-location- coral springs florida
-status- taken
-gender- female
-- favorites --
-color- black,pink
-number- 7
-band- have alot
-song- dont have one
-restaurant- nija
-candy- dont have any
-ICE CREAM- chocolate chip cookie dough
-color to wear- pink and black
-clothes- pants and tank tops
-hairstyle- straight
-actress- jessica beil
-actor- johnny depp
-TV shows- shows on mtv
-animal- dog
-lyrics- none

-favorite mod- jill..shes the only one i know <3
-- do you --
-color your hair- once
-have tattoos- nope
-piercings- not yet
-cheat on tests/homework?- yes
-drink/smoke- no/no
-want more piercings- dont have any yet
-swear a lot- yes
-diet- yes
-- have u ever --
-stolen anything- yes
-cheated on someone- yes
-lied to someone- yes
-been in love- yes
-fallen for your best friend- no
-made out with JUST a friend- yes
-used someone- no
-been used- i dont know
-- other --
-red or blue- red
-math or english- english
-radio or CD- c.d
-What was the last food you ate?- ice cream
-last movie you saw- dont rember
-Object you can not live w.out- i-pod
-Things you like in a guy/girl- personality,eyes,hair,and style
-Worst feeling in the world- being hated
-Thing you want to change about yourself- my stomach
--Promote in at least 3 places--
that's haught

Hell yeah thats haught [17 Mar 2005|06:56pm]


-- Basics --
-name- Aaron
-age- 16 yo
-location- Leominster,MA (the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed)...
-status- huh? lol...i'm single and looking
-gender- does dude work?
-- favorites --
-color- orange
-number- 8 or 33
-band- at the moment, Journey or Aerosmith...or mine
-song- "crazy on you" -heart
-restaurant- lol i don't eat out
-candy- right now, twix
-ICE CREAM- MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!! or blue crunch-a-saurus
-color to wear- checkers
-clothes- dickies and a vintage t
-hairstyle- mohawk...duh
-actress- angelina jolie
-actor- kevin kline
-TV shows- monster garage, american hotrod, trucks...etc
-animal- hmm..don't really have one
-lyrics- i'd post them, but thats long, so, "i believe in a thing called love" by the darkness

-favorite mod- fists_up_for_oi!
-- do you --
-color your hair- have...don't like to, my hair doesn't hold dye
-have tattoos- not yet :(
-piercings- nope..lip soon
-cheat on tests/homework?- sometimes lol...honors classes are hard
-drink/smoke- never/nope (and i work at a liquor store..hahaha)
-want more piercings- want some lol
-swear a lot- try not to
-diet- nope
-- have u ever --
-stolen anything- when iw as like 4 i stole a ring pop
-cheated on someone- unfortunately
-lied to someone- probably...i don't like to though
-been in love- i thought so at the time...
-fallen for your best friend- hardcore lol
-made out with JUST a friend- a few times actually
-used someone- yeah, but it was mutual
-been used- yep
-- other --
-red or blue- depends...probably blue
-math or english- math by far
-radio or CD- CD
-What was the last food you ate?- pizza
-last movie you saw- finding nemo is always on at my house
-Object you can not live w.out- my bass guitar or my welder...
-Things you like in a guy/girl- smart girls are sooo hott...
-Worst feeling in the world- being lied to...having yourt trust broken...failure is the worst though
-Thing you want to change about yourself- i overanalyze thing..and i getin weird moods sometimes...i tihnk i'm bipolar lol
--Promote in at least 3 places-- I will as soon as i post this...they will be my info..and two others lol

-- three or more pictures of yourself --
(me with the hair...my twin brother is next to me...i'm on a robotics team...thats our robot)

http://www.photobucket.com/albums/v199/rocknthehawk thats my photobucket
that's haught

application [17 Mar 2005|06:27pm]

[ mood | creative ]

-- Basics --
-name- Joshua the salamander who loves to fly.
-age- 18 y0.
-location- Fall river, Ma. or Tiverton, RI.
-status- uhh.. if this is what it means, i'm in a relationship on the edge eh.
-gender- I sure hope I'm a guy.
-- favorites --
-color- Blue, Red, White. So patriotic aren't I?
-number- umm.. 21, its a legal drinking age here.
-band- The clash, blatz, blitz, blanks77, fight back, absent strategy. Those are close.
-song- Lost in the supermarket, fuck shit up. tied.
-restaurant- Fast food - wendys. Buffet - old country buffet.
-candy- Jolly ranchers or air heads.
-ICE CREAM- chocolate chip cookie dough or french vanilla
-color to wear- whatever I find is what I wear, I wear alot of blue cos of blue denim.
-clothes- Jeans, boots, T-shirts, socks, hats sometimes, bandannas, ha.
-hairstyle- i used to have a 'hawk, not its shaved. so my pictures will be with my hawk down.
-actress- My friend bethany yo. representin.
-actor- I think the rock, from wrestling, owns. I don't know why, he just does.
-TV shows- Csi:, Csi: New York, Csi: Miami, Csi: weekends, Csi: Las Vegas. what a loser I am.
-animal- Kangaroos, snakes, alligators.
-lyrics- i'll make this short, "you're trendy fucks, you're hippies with spikes, you're everything I hate and you're nothing I like, you know everything and you're only 16, you claim to be punks when you don't support the scene" -Lower Class Brats.

-favorite mod- I really only know ashley so far. So her.
-- do you --
-color your hair- When I had it, yeah.
-have tattoos- No, but I shall get an iron cross in the future on my back.
-piercings- not yet.
-cheat on tests/homework?- who doesnt?
-drink/smoke- I used to drink. Around here, I was known as a huge drunk. Once in a while i'll smoke a cigarette.
-want more piercings- have none.
-swear a lot- depends, I guess I can say sometimes. If I need to be respectful, then no.
-diet- The all-you-can-eat-diet.
-- have u ever --
-stolen anything- Yeah, damn stop&shop security caught me. Food is good for you though.
-cheated on someone- No.
-lied to someone- Yeah, nothing serious though.
-been in love- maybe.
-fallen for your best friend- Haha. No comment. Maybe so.
-made out with JUST a friend- Yes.
-used someone- I am accused of it. But not really.
-been used- I guess.
-- other --
-red or blue- Red
-math or english- Math, I own in it.
-radio or CD- CD.
-What was the last food you ate?- PIZZA!
-last movie you saw- I dont remember. it was a day or two ago.
-Object you can not live w.out- my music. my computer.
-Things you like in a guy/girl- Uhh.. Eyes. I like eyes. yeah. maybe hair sometimes.
-Worst feeling in the world- Getting a volley ball hit into your crotch, guys, believe me it hurts.
-Thing you want to change about yourself- I need a job. that's one thing. I need to lose the 30 extra pounds from being over weight.
--Promote in at least 3 places--N/A

-- three or more pictures of yourself --Didn't know how. I sent them to valerie via aim y0.


oh shit, son. [17 Mar 2005|05:16pm]

You know how we do.

Quick-like application. Hells yes.Collapse )
that's haught

Friends & Members Only [17 Mar 2005|05:43pm]



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